Robtel Neajai Pailey’s experience fighting corruption while working in Liberia’s highest political office inspired her to write Gbagba, an anti-corruption children’s book illustrated by Chase Walker and published by One Moore Book to critical acclaim in 2013. Loosely translated as ‘trickery’ in the Bassa language, Gbagba explores issues of ethics, accountability and integrity through the narrative lens of 8-year-old Liberian twin protagonists Sundaymah and Sundaygar, who encounter and wrestle with everyday forms of corruption. In a dual language sequel, Jaadeh!, the twins learn about the trappings of truthfulness. Author Pailey, illustrator Walker and publisher One Moore Book collaborated with Bassa translator Amos W. Gbaa Sr. to produce this riveting 2019 continuation of Gbagba.



Robtel Neajai Pailey is a Liberian academic, activist and author with more than 15 years of combined personal and professional experiences in Africa, Europe and North America.



Chase Walker is a self-taught visual storyteller and illustrator. He is also a survivor of the civil war in Liberia.


Founded in 2011 by five Liberian siblings, One Moore Book publishes culturally relevant stories for children from countries with low literary rates. With over 20 titles in circulation, the company features narratives underrepresented in the mainstream children’s book industry.